All you need to know about Excessive Acne Growth in The Forehead

With the strenuous daily routine which a person possesses nowadays, may it be in studies or at the office or even in a household, etc. healthy and hygienic living has been affected stupendously for the former. Lack of sleep, irregular eating habits and even reduced hygiene practices are predominantly associated with the same.  These further catalyze minor health problems such indigestion, heat burns, heartburn, acne and bumps and even detailed liver problems. Among these one of the most exasperating problems is the issues related with acne growth and bumps. Acne is a swelling which is due to the blocking of pores in the skin with oil and dead-skin cells and is catalyzed by excessive sweating. Acne and pimples or bumps can be found developing in any area of the body prone to heat and controlled moisture/oil presence. The most irritating acne-growth is the forehead bumps which affect the most highlighted regions in one’s body i.e. the face. This is not only irritating from the aesthetic point of view, but also causes terrible pain and distress if not treated properly.

forehead bumps

The basic reason for development of forehead bumps is the area itself, in which they grow i.e. the forehead. The forehead forms the T-Point in ones face in bringing together the cheek bones, hair-liner and the forehead. This area is specifically affected by heat and moisture as nevertheless it can be covered up and secured completely due to the presence of the eyes. Added on to this with excessive sweating, moisture is dripped down till the forehead, which accumulates with bacteria and dead skin cells forming these bumps.

Reasons for excessive growth of forehead acne are –

  1. Improper Digestion – This can be directly related to the malfunctioning of the liver, which is further catalyzed by improper diet and food habits. Irregular diet causes the liver to malfunction in a way that the effective digestive juices are not completely utilized to digest the foodcausing the rise in the body heat leaving the body excessively dry which catalyzes forehead bumps.
  2. Unhygienic Practice –Irregular bathing and cleaning regimes catalyze dead cells to accumulate in the critical body parts giving rise to forehead bumps. The Face being the most highlighted body part; it should be regularly cleansed and washed to hinder bacterial and fungal growth. Even the use of unclean outfits for a prolonged time can cause bacterial growth. It is advised for people who often stay outdoors to use clean bandanas covering most of the forehead. Helmets and caps hold dirt particles which, if not cleaned regularly can catalyze bacterial growth.
  3. Heredity – It has been found that few people possess heredity in which there is normal acne growth all over their body. This is also due to liver malfunctioning and skin abnormalities. However, this can be treated by regular cleaning of skin and facial parts. Forehead bumps can also be one of the symptoms which is accompanied with overall acne growth
  4. Hormonal Changes – This is completely related to the growth cycle of an individual, wherein due to temporary hormonal imbalance during growth, acne and forehead bumps are prevalent.

Though, an exasperating disorder, proper cleansing regime and healthy and regular diet can hinder excessive growth of acne.