Why wrist watches anyways when the people has many ways to know the time? Wait-Though we have many ways to know about the time with trendingtechnologies, wrist watches can be used as an accessory parallelly knowing the time with arm distance Wrist watches can have small dials or big dials with straps made of chain,leather,gold or silver and it can make you look elegant with the flavor of simplicity. Nowa days, watches made of wood are trending. These watches can give most classic look to your attire whether it is a casual or formal. These watches replicate the simplicity and dignity.wooden watches


Well, wooden watches are put in many shades of the wood rather than going into flashy colors.But who always wants to be under party lightsevery day.Simplicity always rules in the work and wooden watches do it for you. Each wooden watch has its own uniqueness and functions and you may get notified with these classy watches. By best fitting with the attires and enriching your style on that day. It is just amazing as such as simple piece of arm ornament like a bracelet or some hand accessories ticking right away on your wrist. Making yourself pride of what you are working.


Wood is coming from the primary source of the nature that is trees. Nature is the most debatable issue that is happening globally. Almost the non-renewable sources are depleting while the e-wastes are increasing enormously and even the small innovations that helps the nature is a big welcome. Wood watches which are made purely with wood is renewable source and that can easily be digested back into the nature. Keeping this unique watch with us would make us feel close to the nature. These watches may make us to go near to the nature again-A GOOD CAUSE WITH GOOD REASON.wooden watches


Wooden watches may not be like the metal watches which are more durable and with various designs which are one of its kind. Watches made of wood are grown whereas metal watches are manufactured. Each wood has its own uniqueness with ensured ecofriendliness. On the other hand, metals are damaging the environment throughmining. Wooden watches are made from different woods ranging from bamboo to cottonwood; hardwood to softwood. These watches also mix up with attires you are adoring. While the metals get hold of heat and leather watches may turn out easily whereas wooden watches are naturally resistant to heat and moisture. These watches are the unique statement of fashion and eco conservation. Even many companies are stepping forward to manufacture this ecofriendly watch. Most of them are using reclaimed and recycled woods and some of them are planting the trees on each sale of the watch. They are also focusing on making of different watches. This can also be a qualitative ornament for the nature lovers. They can add these watches into their kits and reciprocate their love towards nature. Moreover, it is also our responsibility of us to show some gratitude towards the nature which is giving everything and making us a part of it.