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Importance of Social Psychology in Transformation – Brimbank Deputy Mayor Tran Siu

Tran SiuUnderstanding the social psychology of people from various communities and ethnicity could help in transforming the society as a whole. Brimbank Deputy Mayor Tran Siu has been stressing on this point since his involvement in social activities. His goal is to replace the stereotypes of thinking pattern about many of the communities like the disabled, seniors and the less privileged youth. People from minority community may also face similar fate of skepticism, fear of acceptance into the mainstream and other modes of discrimination. The government alone may not be able to bring about the needed changes in a hurry. This process requires the active participation of likeminded individuals, groups, organizations and communities to join hands. Bringing awareness among the more privileged about the less privileged communities can help break the barriers.

Idealism Vs Realism – Brimbank Deputy Mayor Tran Siu

There seems to be an eternal clash between the concept of an ideal society and the realistic society in every century. The modern 21st century is no exception. In spite of the technological and scientific progress made and the luxuries of life, people have always remained in a state of eternal uncertainty and anxiety. They cause fear of not being able to get what they desire and that of losing what they have. This could lead to conflicts and clashes with other individuals, groups and communities.

  • Brimbank Deputy Mayor Tran Siu hopes to eliminate this fear factor from the subconscious minds of the people. This process could take painstaking efforts and time. But Tran Siu is ready to go the extra mile and wait for an extra year to make the changes happen.
  • He has been campaigning and raising funds for the disabled communities since he became the Brimbank Deputy Mayor Tran Siu. The addition of a title has only increased his responsibility by multiple folds. By utilizing the funds for the disabled he aims to make technology ease out their everyday life in all the aspects. Once their basic needs are met and they are placed comfortably, they will be able to contribute for the overall progress of their community and the society as a whole.

Tran Siu

  • By eliminating the notions of skepticism towards the seniors, Brimbank Deputy Mayor Tran Siu is able to bring back the levels of confidence among this community. His efforts to provide training to them in the field of computers, internet and related technologies have produced the desired results. They are no longer seen as a liability by their families. Staying in residential homes for seniors, they are able to earn for their financial and living needs independently. They are also contributing actively to the improvement of community members who may be less privileged. This has been achieved by Brimbank Deputy Mayor Tran Siu due to his understanding of the social psychology of this community.
  • The youth pursuing their sporting careers are no longer criticized by their family members for being unable to perform in academics. In fact they are being encouraged to emulate the deeds of Brimbank Deputy Mayor Tran Siu in their career and life.