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Double Jogging Stroller Your Baby’s Comfort and Safety

If you are an avid sportsman or a jogger then you must job and exercise every day. It is hard to miss a single day without jogging or exercise. But when you have new born baby and if they are twins, then you might face trouble going outside for exercise or jogging, and sometimes think you may leave the day or two or even more days without jogging or exercise. Not a matter at all, when you have newborn or twins, you should not worry when you have a good quality double jogging stroller.

Jogging a Great Exercise with Kids

Let us face it, if you know jogging is a best exercise and you cannot pass a single day without doing it, then you must know that jogging is a type of addition. Though, the good addiction as such when you do every day and stay fit and healthy. Jogging not only helps you get fit and healthy life, but also the time you get fresh air that helps your body and mind sharp and focused. Your babies are there at home, but in the time of jogging it is difficult to take them, but that is easy when you have a double jogging stroller.

Job with Kids Easy and Comfortable

You can easily take your babies, one or two babies at a time with a double jogging stroller while you jog. The time to take your kids along with you is an excellent way to balance both individual needs and the needs of your baby. You can buy one jogging stroller if you have one kid, but if you take it for further you have to buy another one, and it is difficult to maintain two at a time when you will have two kids. So, it is better you buy the double one only.

How to Buy the best quality Jogging Stroller

There are hundreds of double jogging strollers you see selling in different online portals, but finding the one that can give your baby maximum comfort and style is the main thing. You should buy one that can give your baby safety and comfort at the same time. Your baby will surely like to see jogging and travelling with you feeling the fresh air. When you see one stroller and you thought to buy it, before you make the final purchase see other sites and compare the price, you will come to know which one is good as per your budget.

double jogging stroller

Make You Baby Smile While Jogging

When you job with your baby seated in the double jogging stroller, your baby will smile and feel comfortable to be with you. You will also feel comfortable and headache free when you see your baby while jogging. People, these days, buy double job stroller for twin baby and tow babies travel around. This type of jogging stroller is good, because you can take your two babies at a time and travel around. It is good for others also, when they like to travel with them.

Safety Standards for Gun Ear Muffs

The ANSI safety standards for gun ear muffs consider Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) as the primary criterion which the manufacturers have to incorporate in their products. They are supposed to specify the rating on the labels explicitly. NRR is a numeric value mentioned in units of decibels. This value is determined for the devices after subjecting them to several laboratory tests at the ANSI certified centers.

ANSI S-3.19 for Gun Ear Muffs

According to the ANSI-S-3.19 standards, the measurements of noise reduction by the Gun Ear Muffs are done with a correction factor of 7DB. The standards estimate the 98th percentile value of the protection factor as experienced by the wearer. This is applicable when the device is worn according to the instructions specified by the safety standards in the rule book. Since they are explicitly mentioned on the product label you can be clear about them.

ANSI S-3.19 for Gun Ear Muffs

  • Laboratory tests are performed by exposing the gun ear muffs to MIRE and ANR measuring devices. MIRE is the Microphone in Real Ear testing device and ANR is the Active Noise Reduction measurement device. The results obtained from the tests are recorded. In the next phase the gun ear muffs are subject to Impulsive noise from gun shots. By exposing the protection device to the lower range and upper range values consistently, the tester confirms its conformance to the standard values. Evaluation is done for active mode (with actual user) and passive mode (with measurement device) of testing.
  • The fitting range of the gun ear muffs is another factor considered during the testing procedures. This test is performed in the active mode. Specific numbers of users are made to wear the muffs by creating various environmental conditions (laboratory created). For example user A may be subject to hot and humid conditions, while user B may be placed in cold weather conditions. The comfort levels of the users (when used with recommended standard fittings) are tested and recorded. The fitting parameters may vary depending on the head and ear size of the users. The average value of comfort is evaluated and recorded.
  • The average attenuation levels of the gun ear muffs is said to be higher than the other forms of ear protection devices. This has been established through several tests conducted according to the ANSI standards. One of them is the creation of air vacuum within the inner space of the ear cups. This is achieved due to the combination of foam layers and the fitting factor of the vertical adjusters. The second factor is the sealing provided by the foam padding on the edges and corners of the ear cups. They fit perfectly into the contours of the bone structure around the ears, preventing the critical noise shocks from entering the ear canal. This is helpful in protecting the inner parts of the ear from being subject to permanent damages.

ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection Safety Ear Muffs are tested for all the parameters specified by the ANSI S-3.19 standards. Hence they are recommended as one of the top NRR rated gun ear muffs for shooters.