8 Best White Elephant Gifts That Will Make You Laugh

8 Best White Elephant Gifts That Will Make You Laugh

Are you looking for white elephant gift ideas? Make an event special for beloved one in your life with beautiful gifts. Below, we have put together a list of such funny and hilarious gift ideas for everyone. You need to get it and deliver quickly.

Best White Elephant Gifts

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1. Westminster  Butt Face Soap

You need a perfect gift idea for your beloved one; Butt Face Soap is fantastic for this purpose. It is a perfect soap for cheek-to-cheek cleansing. Every bar has two sides, butt written on the one side and face on the other side. It is obviously a quality item and regardless the funny nature.

2. Giant Wooden Pencil

Giant Wooden Pencil is a traditional white elephant gift choice for impressing to someone. It writes perfectly and erases letters like a classic pencil. It is 14 inches long and 11/4 full sized. It is a funny tool, and it has all the essential functions of a regular pen.

3. Cat Shaped Ice Cube Tray

Create some fun and excitement to the party with these ice cubes. The plate makes ten ice cubes per set. It is an excellent gift idea for Christmas, birthday, or novelty. It’s very lightweight and thin but very easy to remove cubes. On the positive side incredibly cute for cat lovers.

4. Coffee Mug with Middle Finger Print

Convey a message to your coffee lover friend; it is funny and best Christmas gift idea. “Have a great day” print on the black mug and middle finger sign at the bottom create a strange look. It made with high quality ceramic and available in other three glamorous colors.

5. Finger Shaped USB Flash Driver

It looks like the real human finger; fun hand-crafted Finger Shaped USB Flash Driver is an excellent gift idea for anyone.  You can save your important files in it; it has approximately 16GB space to spare. You can gift it to your friend, boss, or family member. It is compatible with window 7, window XP,  Vista, and hi-speed.

6. Googly Eye Glasses

An excellent way to laugh gift the googly eye glasses to your common friend. Through these glasses, your eyes look huge, and pupils moved when your head was shaken. These funny glasses introduced by the Accoutrements.

7. Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Self Stirring Coffee Mug is a super idea for the gift to the lazy person. Those individuals who too much lazy in their working, even they do not stir the coffee. This mug is the fantastic tool to mix the coffee by pressing a button. Just you press the button and cup stir the coffee itself.

8. Giant Coffee Mug

Giant Coffee Mug is an incredible gift for those who love too much coffee. It is the first gigantic coffee mug, introduced by Bigmouth Inc and made from the high ceramic. You can also use it for your favorite drinks and even use to hold supplies in your office.