Watch out for the next big cancerous threat after smoking

Radon inspection

Smoking is causing up to 160,000 deaths a year in USA. Lung cancer is delivered by smoking and it causes up to 21,000 deaths per year. There is a clear majority of people who have lung cancer yet never smoked in their entire life. This threat is all over the country in almost all the states. It is called “radon gas”.

Radon is a radioactive gas that is present everywhere. It comes from the natural decomposition of uranium in soil and igneous rocks yet in some case radon is also found in water. Radon level can be strong enough for giving 260 out of 1000 smokers, and 62 out of 1000 nonsmokers a lung cancer. Which means millions of people are endangered by the presence of this gas. You can’t find out if this gas is around you for it doesn’t have any color or odor nor taste. radon inspection is done by some professional help, or using some toolkits.

Testing your home for Radon

So once you’re up for radon inspection in your house, you need to know the safe and drastic levels of radon. The levels described hereinbelow are according to US EPA

  • If the radon level is 4cPi/L, it is high dangerous and can give cancer to 62 smokers and 7 nonsmokers out of 1000. That is five times the risk of dying in a car accident. Suggested action is to fix your home.
  • If the level of this gas is 2cPi/L, it calls still give cancer to 32 smokers and 4 nonsmokers out of 1000. That is 6 times the risk of dying from poison. Fixing your home is recommended
  • If radon levels are from 1.3cPi/L to 0.4Cpi/L, it can kill 20 to 3 smokers, and 2 to none nonsmokers respectively. Suggestion is to quit smoking.
  • Once you’ve known what you need to do after you’ve seen the results, you’ve ready for a radon test. You need to buy a testing kit for radon inspection. There’s how to do testing for your home
  • These kits can be ordered online, or you can find them in some local home improvement stores.
  • Always read the instructions carefully. You need to know where to place the device for testing which is always instructed on the packaging.
  • Also read where to send out the device after the test is complete in order that to find out your radon level

Why professionals?

Professionals know the procedure of testing because you can go wrong during the process. You may send out the device to lab late or doesn’t place the device for long enough for a readable reading. They know the perfect placement of the device and how long it should be placed there for a better readable reading. They also run a diagnostic test for your home if you want them to do the mitigation for you. Diagnostic test suggests what type of system your house is suited for.